Do You Know Your Skin Type?

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It helps to know your skin type and skin conditions in order to choose the right skin care products. If you have dry skin, for example, and buy an oil-free moisturizer that’s meant for combination-oily skin your skin won’t get the amount of hydrating it needs. At the same time, for people with acne, oily creams should be avoided as much as possible. When you know your skin type, you are more likely to purchase the right products, which saves you money in the long run.

How to Determine Your Skin Type

When you first wake up as well as in the late afternoon, look in the mirror and note what you see. If your skin is shiny all over, it is oily. Also, enlarged pores, shiny skin in the t-zone, and oiliness on humid days indicate a pattern of oily skin.

If your skin has minimal shine and no dry places, it is most likely in the “normal” range. If you don’t have large pores, that’s another sign of skin that’s not too oily either. Your challenge is to find products that are neither too strong nor too mild.

You can also have a combination of oily and dry skin, which means there are some areas of large pores, an oily t-zone, and an occasional acne breakout. Also, your skin may be a combination of normal and dry skin, with only an occasional area of dryness.

Rely on the estheticians at Medical Aesthetics of Virginia, a leading facial spa in Norfolk, VA, to determine your skin type and ensure you find the products you need to keep your skin radiant and healthy.