Preparing for CoolSculpting in Virginia Beach

As you lose weight, you might find that certain parts of your body are holding onto pockets of unwanted fat that keep you from truly enjoying the hard work you’ve put into getting to your ideal weight. Before you start looking at surgical or more invasive procedures, we recommend looking into CoolSculpting in Virginia Beach.

It is important to understand that CoolSculpting is designed to remove subcutaneous fat, located just below the skin but above the muscle—and not a weight loss treatment in itself. This procedure helps you create the look you want from your body after you have already made it to your goal weight. When you are ready to book your CoolSculpting treatment, you will want to:

Skip Certain Supplements & Medicines – Anything that can interfere with blood flow can increase the risk of bruising. Aspirin, Vitamin E, and Fish Oil are all examples of medications and supplements that could cause you bruising or discomfort. Speak to your provider to learn about any alternative medicines if skipping using any of these is not an option.

Take Care of Your Skin – You will want to avoid excessive sun exposure before your treatment. Because light suction is used during the treatment, this could be a source of discomfort if you have any sort of blistering or wounds on your skin.

Find Something to Do During Treatment – CoolSculpting takes about an hour, and you will be awake throughout the entire session. That means it is a good idea to bring something along to keep yourself entertained during this time, so you don’t become bored.

Make an Exercise & Diet Plan for after Treatment – It can take up to 16 weeks for the fat to fully go away after a CoolSculpting treatment. That means it is essential for you to create or continue an exercise and diet plan so that you can see the results you are after and maintain them.