Effective Laser Tattoo Removal in Norfolk, VA

If you have a tattoo you regret having done or want one removed as it no longer holds significance to your life, Medical Aesthetics of Virginia is here to help. We offer effective laser tattoo removal in Norfolk, VA, using the advanced Harmony XL laser. This treatment is one of the most reliable ways to remove tattoos of all colors and sizes and is particularly effective with dark colors like black, blue, and green. To learn more about our laser treatments, or to discuss the tattoo that you want to be removed, reach out to our office.

How Laser Removal Works

Tattoos are created by injecting colored pigments into the skin. During the laser removal process, we direct pulses of laser energy at the tattoo. These laser pulses are absorbed by the pigments, causing them to break up and disperse. In the weeks following each treatment, your body’s macrophages (white blood cells) will help remove the remaining pigmentation from your skin.

What to Expect with this Treatment

The amount of time it takes to remove a tattoo from your skin will vary greatly depending on the size and color of the image being removed. You will generally need multiple treatments at our medical spa to fully remove the tattoo. Additionally, please know that these treatments are usually very uncomfortable. Many of our patients liken the sensation to the feeling of an elastic band being snapped against the skin. Please know this isn’t to discourage you from seeking treatment, but just to let you know what you may experience during the procedure.

Furthermore, even with the advances to laser technology, certain pigments cannot be entirely removed. Contact our office to learn more about what to expect with your laser removal process or to schedule a treatment consultation with our aestheticians.