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Tips to Help You Reduce Premature Skin Aging

Non-Invasive Skin Procedure

While we can’t change the natural aging process, there are preventive actions we can take to help the appearance of our skin from looking older than we should. Over time our skin becomes thin and dry. Other influencers on aging skin include our environment and lifestyle choices. The good news is that even people who already have signs of premature skin aging can benefit from making lifestyle changes.

You can always try a non-invasive procedure at Medical Aesthetics of Virginia for smoothing wrinkles, tightening skin, and improving your complexion. In addition, some of the preventive actions anyone can take to improve the look of their skin include the following:

Protect your skin from the sun.

Whether you are at the beach or running errands, you should protect your skin from the sun at all times.

If you are outside try to stay in the shade and make sure you are wearing sunscreen.

Be mindful of your facial expressions.

Sometimes when we make a facial expression, we contract the underlying muscles. Over the years, these same muscles create permanent lines. For example, wear sunglasses so you don’t squint all the time which causes lines around your eyes.

Clean your skin twice a day. Gently wash your face two times a day to remove pollution, makeup, and other substances. It is especially important to wash your face after sweating heavily because perspiration irritates the skin.

Getting Rid of the Tattoo You’ve Outgrown

Non-Invasive Skin Procedure

The tattoo you got when you were 16 may not seem like such a good choice now. If you find that the tattoo art you chose then does not suit who you are now, you may want to look into getting that tattoo removed. You can find an experienced medical esthetician in Norfolk, VA, to remove your tattoo at Medical Aesthetics of Virginia. Of course, you can always use makeup to cover a tattoo by camouflaging it until you’ve decided to remove it permanently. Some makeup concealers are made especially for covering up tattoos. Tattoo removal has become a big business. Unfortunately, it can be a bit painful as well as expensive. However, the following are the most common and popular ways to remove a tattoo:

Laser Removal of a Tattoo

Laser removal is an effective tattoo-removal procedure. It works by pinpointing the laser on the tattoo which breaks down the pigments in the tattoo. The amount of time it takes depends on the size of the tattoo. In other words, it may take one or more appointments to achieve the right results.

Plastic Surgery

If you are looking for a fast fix to remove your tattoo, you want to choose plastic surgery. It is considered one of the least expensive and least painful methods for tattoo removal. If the laser process doesn’t fit your needs, a plastic surgeon can also add a skin graft on top of your tattoo.