two women getting a facial

The Benefits of a Medical Grade Facial

Whenever you think of a spa day, you might be thinking of a luxurious massage and other soothing experiences that might help you de-stress at best. However, there is more to the traditional spa treatments in Norfolk, VA, than you might think, considering that places like Medical Aesthetics of Virginia pride themselves on adding a medicinal element. It’s essential to treat yourself to these self-care treatments for the de-stressing components as well as the medical benefits.

Take medical facial spa treatments, for example; they will repair and restore your skin to its healthiest state. The way this is done is through medicinal properties that target the deeper layers of your skin. Getting a facial can help improve the way your skin breathes, benefits the circulation in your facial muscles, and is very conducive to your overall health if you are consistent. Everyone’s skin is different too, which means that a highly experienced facial aesthetician will know the exact serums and materials your skin needs for the best glow.

Some added benefits of a medical-grade facial are:

  • Proper Skin Analysis
  • Customized Treatment Plan
  • Results Driven Procedure

Feel rejuvenated when you contact Medical Aesthetics of Virginia for medical spa treatments of every kind.