Create a Trim Body with CoolSculpting in Norfolk, VA

Now that you have reached your target weight, you may still not be satisfied with your body. Your dissatisfaction may be a result of excess and sagging fat left after you drop those extra pounds. Losing more weight will not eliminate the problem. Get rid of your trouble spots with CoolSculpting in Norfolk, VA.

* Results and patient experience may vary

About CoolSculpting and CoolTone

CoolTone and CoolSculpting are noninvasive procedures that help clients eliminate excess fat on certain parts of the body. Both techniques rely on nonsurgical fat-freezing technology to achieve the desired results. Using Magnetic Muscle Stimulation, CoolTone strengthens and tones abdominal, buttock, and thigh muscles.

    How It Works

    The CoolSculpting process involves applying controlled cooling to target areas, slowly freezing fat cells without harming other tissues. As the fat cells continue to melt, patients’ bodies begin to trim down.

    The Treatment Process

    We use liquid-cooled applicators to concentrate on the areas of fat you want to eliminate. The amount of skin treated determines how long CoolSculpting takes. Some clients experience mild side effects, but no specific amount of downtime is required. Contact our spa for noninvasive body contouring treatment that helps you create a lean and attractive body.