Enhance Your Appearance with KYBELLA® in Norfolk, VA

A sagging chin is often one of the first signs of getting older. Your beautiful, tight chin does not have to disappear as you age. Although cosmetic surgery is an option to restore your appearance, there is an alternative. Eliminate chin fat with KYBELLA in Norfolk, VA.


KYBELLA has FDA approval as a procedure for people who want trimmer chins. The technique falls into the category of injectables. With as few as three to six KYBELLA sessions, you can have the results you desire.

How It Works

KYBELLA is effective as a nonsurgical fat reduction treatment. Its formulation includes an acid found in the body that dissolves dietary fat, so when we inject it into your chin, it eliminates the fat you want to remove. And the great thing about KYBELLA is that it impedes the regrowth of fat.

The Treatment Process

We offer prompt treatment in sessions that typically take about 15 minutes. Our expert nurse injector administers the contour injections. After your treatment, you can return to work, but we recommend limiting socializing until the redness and swelling subside. You will see your chin achieve the look you want over a few weeks. Reach out to us for more details about injectables and to schedule a consultation.