What to Expect After Your First Laser Tattoo Removal Session

Everyone knows that tattoos permanently alter the appearance of your skin. Over time you may have changed your mind about what the tattoo represents or are not happy with the design and want it gone. But what happens when you want to have your tattoo removed? Medical Aesthetics of Virginia provides information about what to expect when considering laser tattoo removal in Norfolk, VA.

The Treatment Process

Tattoos inject pigment into your skin. Laser tattoo removal reverses the process by breaking up the pigments, allowing your body to absorb and remove them naturally. Usually, this removal is not a process that can be completed in one session, and it is painful. Patients should be aware that some side-effects also accompany the procedure.

The Healing Process


Sunburn, swelling, blisters, and scabs are just a few of the consequences of laser tattoo removal. The treatment prompts your body to attack the foreign pigment in your skin, and the result is often a localized reaction to the procedure. Pain and sensitivity are normal and indicate that the therapy is working as expected. You can apply some soothing agents like dermatological lotions to ease dryness and help the healing process. You should also try to keep the area as clean as possible, avoid soaking it in water, and allow it to breathe. The discomfort may last from a few days up to two weeks, but be sure to contact your treatment center if the irritation persists.