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How Chemical Peels Can Give You Healthier, Glowing Skin

A chemical peel is one of the more popular types of exfoliation spa treatments in Norfolk, VA. An aesthetician applies a chemical solution to a client’s face that removes dead skin cells from the top layer of skin. Treatment time for a chemical peel is typically under 30 minutes, but the peeling process can last three to five days post-treatment. During the peeling process, the dead skin cells flake off, revealing fresh, new skin underneath.

There are several benefits to having a chemical peel as one of your spa treatments. Chemical peels reveal a smoother, brighter, and more refined complexion, and they also improve the overall look and feel of your skin after just one treatment. Other benefits of chemical peels include:

  • Improving the Skins Clarity, Color, Tone, and Texture
  • Stimulating New Collagen Growth
  • Reducing Sun Damage Discoloration
  • Helping Clear Breakouts
  • Lessening the Look of Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Increasing Skin Hydration
  • Improving the Look of Superficial Scars and Imperfections

Chemical peels also enable skincare products used at home to be more effective because these spa treatments remove several layers of skin build-up and congestion, helping products to penetrate deeper into the skin. For long-term results, a series of three or more chemical peels spaced four to six weeks apart are recommended.

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The Benefits of CoolSculpting in Virginia Beach

When diet and exercise alone can’t burn off your body’s trouble spots, CoolSculpting may be the solution you are looking for. This innovative technique uses targeted fat-freezing technology to eliminate excess fat. This is an FDA-approved, non-invasive procedure that produces noticeable results, often after only one session. At Medical Aesthetics of Virginia, we work with patients who want to take advantage of such benefits of CoolSculpting in Virginia Beach as:

Effectiveness – CoolSculpting reduces fat in the targeted areas by up to 20%, with the best results after only 8 to 12 weeks; multiple areas can be targeted at once.

Safety – This procedure requires no downtime, so you can carry on with your usual schedule right away.

Easy, Painless Sessions – This clinically proven approach to permanent fat loss is pain-free.

It’s important to note that while CoolSculpting does destroy existing fat cells, it cannot prevent the formation of new ones. The ideal candidates for this procedure are already within 15-20 pounds of their target weight and are committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you are interested in learning more about CoolSculpting, Medical Aesthetics of Virginia is happy to schedule an appointment with you.



What to Expect After Your First Laser Tattoo Removal Session

Everyone knows that tattoos permanently alter the appearance of your skin. Over time you may have changed your mind about what the tattoo represents or are not happy with the design and want it gone. But what happens when you want to have your tattoo removed? Medical Aesthetics of Virginia provides information about what to expect when considering laser tattoo removal in Norfolk, VA.

The Treatment Process

Tattoos inject pigment into your skin. Laser tattoo removal reverses the process by breaking up the pigments, allowing your body to absorb and remove them naturally. Usually, this removal is not a process that can be completed in one session, and it is painful. Patients should be aware that some side-effects also accompany the procedure.

The Healing Process


Sunburn, swelling, blisters, and scabs are just a few of the consequences of laser tattoo removal. The treatment prompts your body to attack the foreign pigment in your skin, and the result is often a localized reaction to the procedure. Pain and sensitivity are normal and indicate that the therapy is working as expected. You can apply some soothing agents like dermatological lotions to ease dryness and help the healing process. You should also try to keep the area as clean as possible, avoid soaking it in water, and allow it to breathe. The discomfort may last from a few days up to two weeks, but be sure to contact your treatment center if the irritation persists.


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Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Microdermabrasion?

Beautiful skin is the goal for many people. Our complexion can change how we feel about ourselves. If you have minor acne, pockmarks, or skin discoloration and want to see an improvement, make an appointment for professional cosmetic microdermabrasion in Virginia Beach. This technique can reduce the appearance of blemishes and help smooth the surface of your skin.

Beautify Your Skin With Little Downtime

The ideal candidate for microdermabrasion is someone who has mild concerns with their complexion. A dermatologist should treat more complicated medical issues like severe acne or significant scarring. People with superficial skin problems or busy lifestyles can seek microdermabrasion without the downtime required by more invasive treatments. Most skin types respond well to this procedure because the treatment can be customized to the individual.

Personalized For You

Microdermabrasion is a straightforward technique that can be adjusted to your situation and skin type. It gently exfoliates the top layer of skin to rejuvenate the cells and encourage new growth. It also stimulates blood flow and improves the elasticity of the skin. These benefits brighten and smooth the surface to make the skin clearer, reduce scarring, and minimize unwanted pigmentation.

Medical Aesthetics of Virginia can provide a consultation to help you determine the best course of microdermabrasion for your skin type. Professional treatment can give you that beautiful complexion you’ve always wanted.

How Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Treatment Works in Virginia Beach, VA

non-surgical fat reduction treatment virginia beachNon-surgical fat reduction treatment in Virginia Beach, VA, has grown quite popular in recent years, reflecting the national trend. Every year, over 150,000 clients choose to undergo non-surgical fat reduction and not just women. Nearly 30,000 of those clients are men. Non-surgical fat reduction treatments, like brand name procedures such as CoolSculpting and CoolTone, are less invasive alternatives to regular liposuction, but do they work? The answer is both yes and no.

A non-surgical fat reduction treatment is precisely what it says, non-surgical. There are no incisions, which means a noninvasive procedure with shorter recovery time, less swelling and pain, and a significantly reduced chance of post-procedure complications such as infections. It does not typically require much pre-procedure preparation, and it can often be done during the day with a timely return to normal activities.

However, traditional liposuction is highly effective, often more accurate, and can be used in various conditions. However, it is not always the top choice since a non-surgical fat reduction treatment can be a good alternative for those who need a little additional help for some stubborn spots. They may also be the only alternative if surgery is not possible for an individual’s situation.

What You Need To Know About Microdermabrasion in Virginia Beach, VA

microdermabrasion virginia beachIf you’re looking for a new, effective skin resurfacing treatment, then microdermabrasion in Virginia Beach, VA, may be right for you. This beauty treatment improves your skin’s tone and texture by removing the top layer of dead skin cells. A clinician sprays on particles or uses an abrasive to exfoliate the outer layer of skin. The process is narrowly targeted and more comprehensive than the exfoliation masks and scrubs on store shelves.

Microdermabrasion is medical-grade skin care and can help address various surface-level skin conditions, including fine lines, sun damage, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, age spots, and superficial scarring. While it is most commonly used on the face, any skin area can undergo microdermabrasion.

The procedure takes place in-office and usually lasts about an hour, with little to no downtime afterward. At-home microdermabrasion kits are available, but in-office technicians use more powerful devices that provide more precise exfoliation and penetrate more deeply into the skin. Although microdermabrasion works on all skin types, including darker complexions that sometimes have challenges with other procedures (like dermabrasion), it is not effective for deeper skin issues such as stretch marks and wrinkles, or deep acne scars.

The Top Benefits of Microdermabrasion in Virginia Beach, VA

microdermabrasion virginia beachThe aging process often causes undesirable results such as unhealthy-looking skin and a drab, tired overall appearance. Many aging women and men experience these issues and seek microdermabrasion in Virginia Beach, VA, as a helpful treatment.

It’s essential to understand what microdermabrasion is and exactly how it refreshes your appearance. A microdermabrasion treatment gently removes the dull top layer of your skin to reveal the fresh, youthful skin underneath as well as promoting more healthy skin cell growth. It does this with a minimally abrasive device that scrubs the skin with very fine crystals. This action gently buffs the skin’s damaged top layer. As it does this, the device also purges the crystals along with the dead skin cells that have built up on your skin.

The microdermabrasion process allows the underlying layer of new skin to be stimulated and to get more oxygen allowing it to grow. It also sparks the production of collagen, restoring smoothness and firmness to your skin. The overall result is a visibly rejuvenated appearance.

Spa clinic clients choose microdermabrasion facials for a variety of different skin conditions, including:

  • Wrinkles
  • Skin Discoloration
  • Fine Facial Lines
  • Blackheads
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Sun Damage
  • Superficial Scarring (including from acne)
  • Age or Sun Spots
  • Stretch Marks

The Benefits of Dermaplaning in Virginia Beach, VA

dermaplaning virginia beachHave you been wondering about whether dermaplaning in Virginia Beach, VA, is right for you? Dermaplaning is a procedure that uses a medical-grade surgical blade in short strokes at a 45-degree angle to remove the surface layer of dead skin and hair. One dermaplaning session can remove around 2-3 weeks of built-up dead skin cells and debris from your skin. There is no worry about cutting or scratching the skin because the blade is held at a precise angle. A trained technician uses light and feathering strokes.

Dermaplaning is completely pain-free and non-invasive. It provides a safe and effective exfoliation treatment that promotes deeper skin product penetration, boosting the impact and effects of the skincare products you choose while making your skin look and feel smoother. It is also beneficial for reducing the appearance of acne scars. Because the dermaplaning treatment works to remove facial hair that can trap dirt and oils, makeup looks smoother and more flawless. Additionally, with the fine layer of hair removed from your face, light more easily reflects from the skin, creating an ethereal skin glow.

Although there are many great benefits of dermaplaning, please do not try it at home. Leave this procedure to the professionals.

Dermaplaning in Virginia Beach, VA, for Youthful, Glowing Skin

dermaplaning virginia beachWe all know exfoliation works wonders on our skin. This technique removes dead skin cells and freshens up your face. How about taking this one step further to enhance the skin and even remove peach fuzz? More than a mask or scrub used at home, dermaplaning in Virginia Beach, VA, takes place in a medical space with qualified aestheticians performing this beautifying treatment.

Dermaplaning has the same feel to it as if you were shaving your legs. Instead of you doing all of the work, an aesthetician carefully uses a sharp scalpel to take off the topmost layer of skin cells. This process painlessly gets rids of dead skin. We know you’ll love the results.

How the Treatment Works

Dead skin cells dull your skin. When our aestheticians softly scrape off those cells, you’ll find the skin on your face is fresh and glowing. This improves the appearance of your skin and helps make it clean and healthy.

We recommend you make dermaplaning a regular practice. After this process is repeated, you’ll notice a reduction in dark spots, wrinkles, and acne scars, making your skin appear youthful and luminous. Schedule a consultation with an aesthetician to reap the benefits.

Nonsurgical Fat-Freezing Technology from a Virginia Beach, VA, Medical Spa

non-surgical fat-freezing technology virginia beachThink cool when it comes to diminishing unwanted body fat. There are times when diet and exercise don’t work for:

  • A Double Chin
  • The Thighs
  • The Waistline
  • The Upper Arms

So, what is a girl or guy who wants to look their best going to do? Choose “cool.” Non-surgical fat-freezing technology in Virginia Beach, VA, is one popular option. Another is a non-surgical treatment using cooled applicators.

The Power of Cool Technology

Seek qualified and experienced aestheticians for information and treatment. Two technologies, in particular, have proven effective in making patients happy with the results they’ve received. These include CoolSculpting® and CoolTone™.


Patients report a satisfaction rate of 95% with CoolSculpting. This is a non-invasive body-contouring treatment that singles out and freezes fat cells. The gentle and effective process destroys the fat, which then dissolves over the coming weeks for a trimmer you. The treatment is comfortable and straightforward and requires little downtime.


The technology behind CoolTone is Magnetic Muscle Stimulation. It works like this: Trained medical professionals apply cooling applicators to the area of unwanted fat. The cooling allows the treatment to reach below the layer of fat to tone and strengthen muscles, resulting in a leaner body. Schedule a consultation to explore non-surgical fat-reduction treatment.