What Are the Different Kinds of Facial Wrinkles?

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Unfortunately, our skin remembers all of our expressive behaviors like laughing, squinting, or wrinkling our noses. As we age, we lose the precious collagen that provides our faces with elasticity and moisture.

While there are a number of kinds of facial wrinkles, you can find the help you need to reduce their prominence at our reputable facial spa in Norfolk, VA.

You may only have one face, but as you age your face may acquire different kinds of wrinkles. We commonly call the wrinkle on our face “laugh lines,” “smile lines,” “bunny lines,” or some other layperson’s terms for the skin lines that appear as we age. Some of the most common kinds of wrinkles include the following:

Frown Lines: Frown lines are the line between the brows. If we are worrying or thinking hard about something, we probably frown, and the skin between our brows forms wrinkles that become permanent after so many years.

Bunny Lines: The wrinkles around the bridge of the nose scrunch up like a bunny’s. These lines are not considered cute.

Smile Lines: Also known as crow’s feet and laugh lines, these deep wrinkles appear at the corners of the eyes due to recurring squinting and smiling.

Accordion Lines: Accordion lines appear around the mouth due to our repeated laughing and smiling. They show up as deep lines on the lower half of our faces, normally appearing around the mouth.